Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Live what you Love

I believe, and maybe it is written somewhere that we become whatever it is that we immerse ourselves into.  Surround yourself by God's Word and you are that much closer to LIVING IN God's Word.  Many artists out there are giving us the opportunity to do just that.  These are not your grandma's prayer cards, for sure!  These talented artists are spreading God's words in a beautifully, aesthetically pleasing, wonderful way.

Jeanne Winters paints vintage look art pieces with a message of inspiration.  Her work is truly unique and beautiful.  Thanks for sharing with us Jeanne!  Click on the image to visit her shop and see more truly amazing works of art!


At Red Letter Words you will find another truly unique style of art and way to share your faith.  She creates artwork that is meaningful for her family and her love of God's Word is truly evident.  Visit Red Letter Words to find this and other truly stunning works.


Molly at Tank and Tink makes art from the heart.  Her prints are beautiful and are inspired by the Word of God.  This is one of my favorites, but check out her shop!


This next piece was created by Susan at Persimmon & Pink.  She sells  prints and toys full of love, graphic punch, sweetness and color. She enjoys working in design and putting her art degree to work.  I like how she had taken that design driven artwork to a place where it can serve our Lord!  Stop by her shop!

Have you noticed that all of these are green?  All coincidence.  I guess they must all go in my home and I will have to stop by each shop to make a big purchase!  They are all so different, but coming with a designer training background myself, I must say they work together.  Thank you ladies for sharing!


  1. Hey! Thanks for the kind words and sweet post! I appreciate your thoughtfulness!

  2. Wow! These are all beautiful - thanks so much for including my sign in your post:)

  3. I love these (and yours)!
    Such talented ladies :)

    emily hope