Friday, March 20, 2009

God Steps In

Sometimes I can't quote exact scriptures to support what I am saying. I am taking the dive into scriptural artwork in hopes I can keep my nose burried in scripture improve this weakness. So when I say something that really sort of sounds like it was meant to be a direct quote and isn't, it's because I need time to look up the exact location.

Today I praise that God is awsome. He has a plan for our lives that we can't possibly understand or comprehend until after all the pieces have fallen into place. 3 weeks ago if you would have told be that I would be approached by the founder of Frame Changers, an incredible site whose desire is to get the Word out and into the hands of people. Jen Cybert, the head of it all, told me that her desire is to find ways to keep your hands in the Word, even when those hands are not free! And with soon to be four children, I can't believe hers are ever truly free! I believe we need to keep our hands in prayer and our face turned always to the Lord. Jen and her team have developed a wonderful website in which I am hoping to soon take part. Frame Changes went live this week and is going to be filled with scripture in the artistic form.

So often in our lives we do not participate in or build the relationship we want with God because we can't find the time. Our jobs, our families, our kids, and a million obligations on top of that causes us to lose the most important part of our day: looking and keeping our heads turned toward God's face. He has the ability to give us energy reserves to spare. He has the ability to allow situations and opportunities to come into your life to sweep you right off your feet.

Keep your eyes on Him and all the rest will fall into place!

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