Thursday, March 19, 2009

Have you seen God today?

My day is only half over and yet I sit back and look for the fingerprints of God. In the wee hours of the morning, my 15 month old son, Conner, decided it was time to wake up and play. He was awake in his crib for several hours before finally falling back to sleep. I layed there in bed, listening to the baby monitor wondering how hard I needed to pray in order to have God gently ease him back to sleep. The hours were passing by and I decided that if I had to be awake, I may as well get something done.

I came to my office and opened the computer to look to see if there had been any activity in my Etsy shop overnight. I found a message from a girl living in Indonesia. She found my shop and recognized my location because she has family here, and spent a good deal of time growing up near here. We exchanged a few lines, and as Conner finally fell back to sleep, I went back to bed.

I knew that I would be very tired today, and as such, not a better mom for having been awake all night. But at the same time I realized how amazing it was that I was able to break out of my small little world and talk to someone on the other side of the globe. I feel like I lead a small life, wondering what kind of impression I will leave behind, but the opportunities God puts before me are amazing.

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  1. Lovely blog =) Glad to be your first follower and we stroll on God's path! You are so right about touching the lives of others... in little ways we may never see! Here's an older post from my blog about just the same thing.

    God bless,